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bath products,Honey Hill Farm's,homemade soaps,comments,handmade soaps

Comments from our Customers

bath products,Honey Hill Farm's,homemade soaps,comments,handmade soaps

Soaps are available in 36 Oz Slabs shown
or in 5 Oz Bath Bars


I just wanted to let you know that I received the soap and found it to be totally delightful! The heather fragrance was lovely and it left my skin so soft and supple! The look of the soap and it's packaging was attractive and inviting. The order was carefully and professionally packaged. I will be adding you to my book marked favorite stores and telling my friends. Thank you so much, Jean

I could not find any soap that helps keep my skin so soft. I learned my lesson the hard way. Keep up your great work, Marsha

Received my order VERY quickly! Loved everything! Finally found a lip balm that is top quality and my little boy will use! He thought it was for "girls", until he got his orange-flavored, no-color balm in the mail today! He loves to use it! Thanks! Peg

I received my order and just wanted to let you know, I absolutely love the soaps. Even my husband can't stop smelling them. They all smell so wonderful. I will be placing another order soon. I am planning to try some of your scrubs next. Thanks again! Kim

Since we first began using and buying your soap, we absolutely go nowhere that we don't take a bar of your soap along with us - always! Even to the Boundary Canoe Waters of MN for a week of wilderness camping. I've been testing new soaps for about 3 years now and have yet to find one with the quality of yours. Keep up the good work. Ann

I'm a new customer who just got my first shipment from you a few days ago. I'm writing here to THANK YOU for doing what you're doing. Recently I received the assortment of lip balm I ordered and am so very pleased with it. Before I got yours, I was using a supposedly natural lip balm from another company, very expensive, that caused irritation and peeling in my lips; the more I used it, the worse the irritation. I checked the ingredients and discovered that the sunscreen in it was the likely culprit. But YOUR lip balm formula is perfect. It's very soothing and healing to my lips, and just the right consistency. I put it on and it stays on for hours. My lips feel so good. I'm sharing this lip balm with others to show them how good it is, so don't be surprised if you get another order from me soon. To top it off, you added the surprise gift of those lovely little heart soaps, to my great delight. This made me want to write you and tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing, though I rarely write complimentary notes like this. We need more industries like yours, where the people really put their heart into it (literally and figuratively in this case)! Bless you, Melanie

I received my shipment today. It took only two days to receive after placing my order. What fantastic soap! My skin feels like silk! A bazillion thanks. Nancy

These products are some of the finest that I have come upon in a long while. You are a credit to your profession. My husband and I both are both hooked on the products that we received. Yes, it even takes my husband's strength not to try all of the scents so we'll have a few to sell. I'm definately going to get the lip balms and liquid soaps, bath salts, bath seltzers, and slabs! We will always be a repeat customer of yours; We both think that you make outstanding products. Thank you again and keep up the Good Work; we love it and I'm sure other customer's will too. Barbara

I had a cold sore and used this Lip Balm. Wow, what results! Our customers like it too. Martha

First, my kids don't seem to waste the soap in foamers as much as other liquid soaps because they are already foam. Second, the fact that they are not anti-bacterial is a plus because we have a septic tank and my husband does not want me using anti-bacterial when I can help it. Last, and probably most important of all, two of my children suffer from eczema and have this winter had constant red rashes around their wrists from washing so often. Since replacing all the store bought liquid soaps with your soaps, the red rashes are gone. I think that they are very gentle on the skin, and we always appreciate that around here. Thanks for your lovely soap. Renee

I am absolutely delighted about your latest soap Snow Apple. It's gorgeous!-and the fragrance is wonderful! Definitely a new favorite for me! Therese

I love your soaps! I try different ones every time I order, and I'm always pleased. I've started giving them as gifts to friends, and give them an order form because I know they"ll want more. Thanks for making wonderful soaps! Jill

I can hardly wait till bath time tonight! The last time I ordered I hardly got to use any of the soaps as my daughters saw them in my cupboard and instantly wanted them. So now I have a new order and am going to enjoy some great soap! Oh yes, I have the neighbor lady who is having a birthday tomorrow and she is getting the French Lilac Swirl! So looks like my next order I will be ordering several bars of that! It smells sooooooo good! Again thanks for being so prompt! Sincerely, Bette

Since we first tried your soap after reading about it, we have used nothing else. We have given it as gifts and have turned others into believers as well. I especially appreciate the pictures of the different types of soap. We like the swirls! Cheryl

Received the soap and now my house smells heavenly, as I'm cutting and packaging it. Your salts are absolutely gorgeous. You guys do good work. You'll be hearing from me again. Also thank you for the block of mint. Take care and thank you. Helen

I got your soaps on Wednesday, and I have to tell you this: What a wonderful product you have!!! I was so impressed, not only with your impeccable service and your speedy delivery, but with the richness of the soaps themselves. When one orders over the Internet, I think one uses a certain amount of intuition for guidance, and I am so happy to say that in this instance mine truly did not fail me! I used both the Tea Tree and the Orange Sherbet myself, and I am HOOKED!!!! The scents are great, but the feel of the soap (the true test) is unmatched in my book. I have used locally homemade soaps before, but your product out does them in variety, price, and quality. I was so impressed by your soap that I came into work raving about them, and got everyone curious. So, I then brought a few bars in for people to smell and feel and, as you will see by the order I placed, I sold a ton for you! I assured them that you would treat their order with as much care as you treated my original order. I have gone ahead and put the whole order on my Visa card to take advantage of your free shipping. Hopefully, between the two of us, we can spread the word about your wonderful product all over. My original order will be going on to my family. Keep up the good work!!! Traci

Just received my order of several soaps, today. With anticipatory excitement, I opened the package, selected the Honey'n Propolis Bar and proceeded to lather up and lavish it all over my face. After about 20 seconds, I rinsed with our Spring-fed water and gently patted my face dry with a soft towel. The sun was shinning today, so I went outside to bask amidst its rays and enjoy my just-received Art Books on Watercoloring. I thought I'd give the soap another test and wait a bit to see how my skin felt after the thorough rinsing. I was so enjoying the books and the sun, I forgot about checking the feel of my skin for almost 20 minutes. Then I realized that my skin not only felt very smooth but it was not taut or itchy or dry. I have combo skin and normally use nothing other than glycerin or glycerine-based soaps and am careful about buying some that claim such but have left my skin dry and itchy. Well Honey Hill Farm, I am delighted with the first bar of the Honey'n Propolis. My next trial is the Goat Milk soap... my favorite and then the Patchouli-Almond. I ordered an extra bar of that one because my daughter has always enjoyed the patchouli oil perfumes and knows how delightful Almond oil is on the skin and hair. Thank you so much for a delightful product that I will be enjoying and finding more time to pamper myself so I can enjoy them more often. Thank you,again. God Bless, Lolita

After receiving my package today, I was quite surprised by the professionalism of my package. What was even more surprising was the pleasant smell of your soap and the pure beeswax. Everyday I order things for my business from other vendors on the Internet, but never have I been so impressed. I have showed the soap to other people on my job and they were also very impressed. They asked, how could they get the soap and I gladly gave them the web address. Sincerely, Kathi

I received the soaps I ordered today. They all smell and look great. I know the people I give them to for gifts will really enjoy them. I did buy the patchouli almond for myself and I know I love this one. Thanks for being so nice and a big pleasure to speak with. Sincerely; Janice

I received my order yesterday and I thank you very much for the Mango-Coconut. Next time I order I will use a credit card - the mail is so unpredictable -it took my check 7 days to get there and my order 2 days to get here. My husband and I have decided your soap has improved our lives - the smell, the feel, just everything!! Thank you again and you will definitely be hearing from me again in the near future!! Donna

I just wanted to compliment you on the quick fulfillment, shipment and delivery of my order. What a turnaround time! Amazing! All my soaps and bath seltzers look and smell scrumptious. Thanks again for a pleasant online ordering experience. "Bee" well, Jennifer

How pleased I was to come home from an especially long hard day at work and find my order waiting for me! I am impressed by everything! Each one of the people who are special to me are getting little fun things this year. After seeing first hand the quality of your product you can be sure that they will find a bar of your soap tucked into their gifts. Please keep up the good work ... everything is first rate! Susan

I got my soap order today. Thanks for the quick shipment!! Would you please put my friend on your mailing list?? She usually orders with me but she would like her own copy of your product list. Thanks. Genie

I just received my first order of soap logs and bath seltzers. I am so pleased with your product, I had to let you know. I am cutting and wrapping for resale now, and had to take a break and thank you. I just started a small home based business. As I was unwrapping and slicing my soaps, I realized I was finally doing what I have dreamed of for so long. Wish me luck, with such wonderful soaps, I can't go wrong!! I will be ordering again. Thank you again. Linda

I received the package today and I love them. The ingredients look like they are really of fine quality. I'm probably going to be purchasing more stuff within the next couple of weeks. The gardenia that you produce is the closest to a fresh green smell that I've been able to get. You know, kinda like fresh cut grass with a little flower in it, like a fresh spring morning. Thanks. Suzanne

Thank you for the fast shipment of soaps. Used the Green Tea in the shower immediately and love it. Also, like the lip balm. It lasts better than that Brand X I've been using. In this dry climate it feels good. No cracked lips with that! Sincerely, Juanita

I received the Crazy Quilt Soap yesterday as your last month's winner and I am thrilled! It is bigger and much nicer than I imagined. I am taking it to a family reunion in a week and will show my mother, sister and nieces how beautiful your soap is. They will probably want me to order some for them right away! Thanks again for such quick shipment and for having the contest. Laura


bath products,homemade soap,handcrafted soap,handmade soap,sweetsoaps

Lip Balms come in a variety of
flavors including Natural Beeswax


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